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Project Value to Cheshire Scaffolds Ltd: £140k
Main Contractor: Carillion plc
Main Contract Value: £2m

Cheshire Scaffolds was invited by Carillion PLC to develop an access come loading/scaffolds that would enable its roofing/cladding contractor to work on the large roof areas and high level wall of the factory.

We worked very closely with Carillion on this project listening to all their concerns as this was not a straight forward installation. The scaffolds needed would give access to the five separate roof areas and would have to be free standing as the traditional method of tying would not work with the cladded façade; these scaffolds were between 12 and 20m high.

Once access to the roofs had been achieved we then had to develop small protection scaffolds that would cover the existing roof lights but at the same time be portable enough so they could be easily moved around the roofs. We achieved this by using 100mm x 100mm pressure treaded timber that had scaffold boards screwed onto them and then had 15kg sandbags as kentledge placed on top to stop any uplift.

Carillion’s next requirement was for a safe method of moving people around the roof area but at the same time keeping full control on where they would allow access to. This was accomplished by a series of handrails that segmented the roofs into safe zones. Each of the zones had gated access that could be locked when not in use and a permit system was used to control all movements over the roofs.

On the roof there was a section of wall that split the building into to two different levels, the difference being 6m. Carillion needed to access this wall so that the cladding could be renewed. This section of the works became a challenge as the permitted loading on the roof would not withstand the imposed loads generated from the scaffold and to transfer the loads back to ground would involve opening up the roof so support type towers could then be installed to safely transfer the loads back to ground. This was not an option Carillion wanted as it would open up the factory to the weather and had the potential to upset the balance of work within the factory. With this we approached Carillion’s Temporary Works Department and worked hand in hand with one of their engineers to develop modular timber decks that would fit the profile of the roof and at the same time give access to aluminium mobile towers to carry out the cladding operations safely. These decks were constructed away from site and brought in when needed. Once on the roof, our joiners then moved the timber decks in conjunction with the cladding operations keeping the loads on this roof to within its safe working load allowance.

Around the canopy area the access scaffold needed to be built so it would leave vehicle access to the six loading bays for the vast amount of deliveries undertaken by TI Automotive Systems. This was achieved by a series of towers with modular beams bridging over each of the loading bay entrances. With high volumes of traffic moving in and round the scaffolds Carillion installed concrete blocks 1.5m away from the base of the scaffold to all four side to deter any impact by slow moving traffic.


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